Mindshifters Radio January 2023

Discussion and Magda Processing Update 1-16-2023
Tim Worksheet from App 1-17-2023
Tim Worksheet from App 2 1-18-2023
Celinda Worksheet 1-19-2023
Tim B. Worksheet 1-20-2023
Magda and Susan Discussion 1-23-2023
Dr. Tim does Worksheet and Dusty asks Question 1-24-2023
Dr. Tim worksheets and Terry Bowling Call 1-25-2023

Dr. Tim Worksheet on Ex-Wife Ending Marriage 1-26-2023
Dr. Tim Worksheet on Mother-In-Law Dying 1-27-2023
Dr. Tim Worksheet 1-30-2023
Extended Intro and Dr. Tim Worksheet 1-31-2023