“Best Of” Audio Files

MS Radio 2-23-2024 Dr. David Gruder and Laurie Morse Conversation
Michael Singer podcast with Commentary from Support Group 10-26-2023
Dr. Hayes presents a series of worksheets he did today 7-31-2023
Dr. Hayes reads the results of a mindshifter he did this morning 8-1-2023
MS Radio 7-7-2023 Susan B. Worksheet Process
MS Radio 5-31-2023 First How – Overview of the Work
Dr. Tim Processing with worksheets 8-28-2014 Trauma at age 14
Dr. Tim Processing Worksheets 3-14-2019
Dr. Tim Processing Worksheets from Being Triggered By The Interpretation He Placed On Something Dr. Ryce Said During Friday’s Show 5-13-2019
Dr. Tim Worksheet Processing 9-25-2020
Dr. Tim Process When Triggered 10-27-2020
Dr. Tim Processing Worksheets From Previous Day 10-28-2020
Susan B. worksheet on Terror of Planet Burning Up
Jill T.L. does a worksheet on Hate/Terror
Susan B. Processing on M.S. Radio Show 8-16-2021
Summary of This Work from 12-30-2015 on MS Radio
Testimonial from Susan B.
Pierre Pradervand Interview 4-9-2019
More on Pierre at https://gentleartofblessing.org/