About Us

My name is Tim Hayes. I have been doing therapy in various forms for over forty-four years, since I began working as a probation officer in Indiana in 1974. In my many years of post-graduate study I have come across a number of “Master Therapists” who promote their unique style of work, which promises amazing results. Each time I have tried these various techniques, I have been limited to mediocre results at best. I came to realize that each of these people had a creative genius which allowed them to use their particular talents to achieve outstanding results. However, unless you were that particular creative genius, your results would vary dramatically.

In 2004 I came across a set of tools which astounded me with the effectiveness of its results, just as they baffled me with their simplicity. The big difference between this set of tools and almost everything else I had ever learned was that one did not have to be a creative genius to get solid, practical, efficient results.

I was so impressed with these tools that I began to donate my time, three hours one night each week – prime evening hours for a therapist – to lead a support group and teach these tools. I have donated my time to that group since 2004. The Group experience was so rewarding and successful in helping people that in 2014 I expanded my office so that I could host another group on Thursday evenings, essentially donating another evening each week to teaching these tools. This was a way to expand the access to these tools to people who don’t have insurance that covers them to see me privately, or who have little or no money to see a therapist.

In late 2018 I expanded access to the Thursday night meeting by offering people the chance to participate through internet conferencing.

In January of 2011 I began supporting the creator of these tools in offering an internet “radio” show/podcast, one hour a day, five days each week, for the sole purpose of teaching and supporting people in learning to use these tools to improve the quality of their lives and relationships. Those shows are archived in audio files which are available for free, as a resource for people who wish to learn and improve their use of these tools. In March of 2019 I dedicated another hour of my time five days a week, from 11:00 am to noon Central Time, to host an additional hour of Podcast/Internet Radio show to teach and support people in becoming perpetually avid students of these tools.

Those Podcast Archives are available HERE
This website – Mindshifters-Academy.org – is going to further expand the people’s awareness of these tools, and their access to them, at very little cost.