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Dr. Hayes Reading The Reality Management Work/Wake-Up Sheet as Audio Instructions
MS Tuesday Support Group 3-28-2023 Abraham Talk and Mindshifters Radio Replay from last Wednesday
Susan B. Testimonial on Worksheet Process 11-27-2020
MS Radio 10-27 & 28-2020 Tim processing and worksheets
Dr. Tim worksheet processing on Mindshifter Radio 9-25-2020
Dr. Tim processing strong emotional and physical energies 3-14-2019
Susan B. processing on Mindshifter Radio 9-24-2020
Dr. Tim MS Radio One Year Anniversary Highlight Show 3-4-2020
Dr. Albert Mensah Treating Mental Health with Ortho-molecular nutrient therapy
Dr. James Kowal Discusses QEEG Neuro-Feedback for Treating a Variety of Mental Health Issues –
Mindshifters Radio Monologues from 1-7-2020 and 1-8-2020 Dr Tim only
Mindshifters Radio 8-1-2019 Dr. Tim and Jill processing
Mindshifters Radio 7-31-2019 Dr. Tim part 1
Mindshifters Radio 7-31-2019 part 2 – Jeanie Ryce Processing
Dodie Corcoran Interview – Family Constellations Work
Dale Allen Hoffman Interview on Mindshifters Radio Podcast 5-31-2019
Corinne Zupko Interview on Mindshifters Radio Podcast 4-29-2019
Pierre Pradervand Interview 4-9-2019
More on Pierre at
Guy Finley on Mindshifter Radio 3-19-2019
Overview of The Work
Mindshifters Radio 12-30-2015
MS Radio 5-7-2019 Excerpt on Special Relationships
Mindshifter Radio Caller Jill does Worksheet 4-18-2019
Mindshifter Radio Caller Jill does Worksheet on Terror
Regulatory/Revelatory Speech Explained
The Truth about Role Models excerpt from Mindshifter Radio
Thoughts about Grief and Loss
Last hour of Thursday Mindshifter Group 2-28-2019

Caller Susan does Worksheet on Terror
Dr. Tim shares processing of two worksheets on MS Radio 3-14-2019
Susan B on MS Radio Excerpt on Fear with Dr. Tim 3-15-2019
Mindshifter Radio Caller Jill does Worksheet on Terror
Dr. Tim Mindshifters Radio Podcast 3-21-2019
Mindshifters Radio Podcast Truth Is A Pathless Land 4-11-2019